PAA's Advocacy Efforts a Success

October 9, 2018

Earlier this year (February through April) Parkinson Association of Alberta (PAA) undertook a series of actions to advocate for improved access to DUODOPA on behalf of people living with and affected by Parkinson disease.  These actions included meetings with government and Alberta Health Services and a submission to the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies (CADTH) in support of a positive recommendation.  To prepare the CADTH submission PAA utilized data gathered from a survey sent out to people with Parkinson disease and their care partners as well as interviews conducted with 10 clients who have experience using DUODOPA.


We are pleased to announce that our efforts, along with those of others, were successful.   A positive recommendation has been granted from CADTH’S Canadian Drug Expert Committee (CDEC) to reimburse DUODOPA for advanced Parkinson’s patients when oral medications no longer control symptoms.


Advocacy is one of Parkinson Association of Alberta’s four pillars, and we will continue to work with all levels of government, Alberta Health, universities and others to ensure that Albertans living with and affected by Parkinson disease receive the very best in support and services so they can live their best lives possible.


What is CADTH?

CADTH is an independent, not-for-profit organization responsible for providing health care decision-makers with objective evidence to help make informed decisions about the optimal use of health technologies, including:

  • drugs
  • diagnostic tests
  • medical, dental, and surgical devices and procedures.


In addition to evidence, they also provide advice, recommendations, and tools.

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