Give the Gift of Membership

December 10, 2018
A membership is the most effective way to ensure that Parkinson disease is not overlooked be it in the community, the healthcare system or the government. When we apply for grants or put together a case for support to a business or government we are always asked “How many members do you have?” This number is important, and can often mean the difference between being successful in receiving support or not. For every paid membership we receive, we can count one person as a member. The more members we have, the stronger our voice and the more influential we become; the more positioned we become to enact meaningful change for Parkinson disease in Alberta.


Tangible benefits are also included in membership:

• Voting privileges at our Annual General Meetings. This is your opportunity to truly help guide Parkinson Alberta’s path for today and tomorrow.

• While our magazine remains available 24/7 on our website; members receive a printed hard copy in the mail.

• Many of our programs and events offer a reduced cost for members.


When you become a member, you are not just "buying a membership" with Parkinson Association of Alberta, you are investing in the future of Parkinson disease in Alberta!  Purchase a Membership for yourself or a loved one today online (CLICK HERE) or by calling tollfree 1-800-561-1911.

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