Step 'n Stride Fundraising Tools for Individuals & at the Workplace

July 24, 2019
Here are some ideas on how to fundraise for your team! Please feel free to reach out and contact us for some help on how to fundraise!  CLICK HERE to register and begin your fundraising efforts today!



Company Matching How it raises money:

Matching donations     Cost: Free       Difficulty: Easy

Did you know that many employers will match charitable donations? Ask your company to match your fundraising dollars and double the amount of money you raise!


Social Media Blitz How it raises money:

General Donations      Cost: Free      Difficulty: Easy

Reach out to your social media followers and ask them for donations. You would be surprised who comes forward to support you!


Give it Up Fundraiser How it raises money:

General Donations      Cost: Free       Difficulty: Easy

In the ‘Give it Up’ fundraiser, participants agree to give up an indulgence for a certain amount of time and put the money towards your fundraising. Have your friends and family give up smoking, coffee, alcohol, buying meals, etc. and have them give the money they would have spent on these things to you as a donation instead.


Garage Sale How it raises money:

Proceeds from sales   Cost: Free       Difficulty: Easy          

Clean out your house and host a garage sale in your community. Put up posters before the event to make sure everyone knows when and where the event is taking place


Exercise Classes How it raises money:

Entry Fee        Cost: Free       Difficulty: Easy

Approach a local gym or fitness studio to donate a class for charity. This could be yoga, spin, Pilates, aerobics class or any other kind of class and advertise that all proceeds will be going to the walk. Reach out to your networks and encourage them to attend.


Dog Walking How it raises money:

General donations       Cost: Free       Difficulty: Easy

Advertise your dog walking services in your community. Offer to walk dogs or do pet visits for your neighbours in exchange for a donation.



Coffee Donation How it raises money:

General Donations      Cost: Free       Difficulty: Easy

Contact your local coffee shop and ask them to make a coffee donation for your fundraising campaign. Arrange a day with them in advance and advertise to your colleagues to buy their morning coffee from you rather than on the way to work. Asking for a donation rather than a set amount encourages people to give more!


Snack Cart How it raises money:

Profits from snack sales                     Cost: Medium Difficulty: Easy

Organize a snack cart in your workplace and visit your colleagues office to office every day for a week to sell them as an afternoon treat. Costco is a great place to get large packages of chips, granola bars, candy, chocolate etc. Include some fruit and veggies too!


Thermometer Fundraising How it raises money:

General Donations      Cost: Low – Medium   Difficulty: Easy

Let your colleagues know how you’re doing by putting up a large thermometer in your office. Having a visual representation encourages your colleagues to donate and help you hit your fundraising goal. Have milestones along the way with tasks that you complete (ie. when you raise $100, you will clean out the office fridge, or when you raise $500 you will organize someone’s office). Getting creative lets your donors have fun too!


Baby Photo Contest How it raises money:

Entry Fee        Cost: Free       Difficulty: Easy

Have your coworkers bring in baby photos of themselves and pin them up in your staff room or meeting room. Charge an entry fee for your coworkers to guess who is who. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.


Lunch and Learn How it raises money:

Entry Fee        Cost: Low        Difficulty: Easy

Find out what your coworkers are experts in (knitting, Excel, history, makeup, etc.) and host weekly lunch and learns where others in your office can buy tickets and get an hour long class in different topics. Approach local businesses about getting the lunch donated.


The Great Office Bake-off How it raises money:

Proceeds from sales   Cost: Low        Difficulty: Easy

Send out an office-wide email calling for all bakers to enter the bake-off challenge and have each entrant bake a treat. Advertise it to all colleagues and have them attend, charging a dollar for each treat they would like to try. Have them rate each treat on a scale of 1-10 then choose a winner!


Packed Lunch Day How it raises money:

General donations       Cost: Free       Difficulty: Easy

Encourage your coworkers to make their own lunches at home for a day and bring a packed lunch. Ask them to donate what they would have paid for lunch to the walk instead.


Email Signatures How it raises money:

General donations       Cost: Free       Difficulty: Easy

Register online for the walk and include the link in your email signatures. It is a good way to remind your colleagues why you are fundraising. You may also get donations from some generous external contacts!



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