November is National Care Partner/Caregiver Month

November 01, 2019


National Care Partner/Caregiver Month is dedicated to shining a spotlight on the people who love, provide support and care for a loved one, friend or other individual.  It is an opportunity to shout from the rooftops that WE know the difference their hard work and dedication is making for millions of people across the country.  And, it is an opportunity for us to ask the care partners/caregivers we know:


"How are YOU feeling today?"


White it is, of course, true that only one person physically receives the diagnosis of Parkinson's; the ripple effect created can have a tremendous impact on the care partner/caregiver and family.  Care partners/caregivers are an essential part of our society.  To say that our care partners/caregivers are valuable would be a serious understatement.  In fact, there are more than eight million care partners/caregivers in Canada; that is more than one in 4 adults.  And, according to statistics from Caregivers Alberta, to replace all the care these individuals provide would cost $66 billion per year!


So this November (and always) we say THANK YOU to those irreplaceable women and men who are so vital not only to their loved one, but to society's care system as well!  Your love, kindness and compassion helps make the world a better and brighter place to be!


How Can You Show Appreciation to a Care Partner/Care Partner/Caregiver You Know?


  • Time: Have the Care Partner/Caregiver make a list of tasks that you can do for them.  Maybe it is some cleaning, running a few errands, or sitting with the person they care for.  This will give the Care Partner/Caregiver some time to do something that they would like to do.


  • Food: Make a Care Partner/Caregiver in your life a meal and drop it off at their home.  Not a cook? No problem.  Order a meal to be delivered to their home.  Groceries can also be delivered which saves time from having to run one more errand.


  • Gift Cards: Does the Care Partner/Caregiver you know have a store where they like to shop?  A gift card can give the Care Partner/Caregiver a reason to go shopping or order products online to be delivered to the home.


  • Gas Cards: Care Partner/Caregivers spend time traveling to appointments, running errands, and so forth. Some gas stations have convenience stores attached to them which can be great for picking up a snack or drink while driving from place to place.


  • Visit: Maybe the Care Partner/Caregiver would like a distraction and a brief visit from you would provide that.  Chat over a cup of coffee, lunch or a bottle of wine.


  • Flowers: A vase of pretty flowers can brighten up a person’s day and home.


  • Handwritten Note: A note stating your gratitude is a personal and inexpensive way you can let a Care Partner/Caregiver know how much you appreciate what he or she is doing.


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