What's in the Kit?


Each Aware in Care kit is filled with useful tools and information to help a person with Parkinson disease during the next hospital visit.

Kit Contents:

Aware in Care Kit

Pack the kit with your PD medications and materials below.



Hospital Action Plan

Read about how to prepare for your next hospital visit - whether it is planned or an emergency.


Parkinson disease ID Bracelet

Wear your bracelet at all times in case you are in an emergency situation and cannot communicate.



Medical Alert Card

 Fill in your card with emergency contact information and place in your wallet.


Medication Form

Complete this form and keep copies in your kit for use at the hospital.



Parkinson disease Fact Sheet

Share the facts about PD with hospital staff and ask that a copy be placed in your chart.



I Have PD Reminder Slips

Share vital information about Parkinson disease with every member of your health care team in the hospital.


Thank You Card

Present this card to a staff member who provides high quality care.


Use this magnet to display a copy of your Medication Form in your hospital room.


If you live outside of Canada, visit the National Parkinson Foundation website


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