Services & Resources


The Buchanan Centre is designed to meet the unique needs of those living with Parkinson’s and other mobility disorders, and will provide high-quality resources, support and education. 


Offering help for today and hope for tomorrow for people living with Parkinson disease, the Buchanan Centre for Parkinson’s represents a collective spirit, and inspires a goal for people living with Parkinson disease to lead a better life and experience wellness.


A vast number of services and resources will be offered:

  • Resource library
  • Consultation, physiotherapy and speech therapy
  • Care partner and family support
  • Conference rooms for meetings and detailed client evaluations
  • Multi-purpose rooms for education and information sessions
  • Dance, music and health and wellness spaces
  • Community space for leisure time
  • Virtual information centres for regional networking
  • Wide hallways and open spaces to accommodate ease of movement
  • Parkinson Association of Alberta offices
  • The Centre is conveniently located, with easy access to transit.
For services and activities at The Buchanan Centre, please visit Edmonton programming.
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