Call for Research Participants

January 30, 2017


Researchers around the world, including right here in Alberta, are working to identify and address various issues associated with Parkinson disease. Clinical trials are a key component of research and are at the core of all medical advances.  One of the biggest challenges associated with research (besides funding) is a lack of participation.  Oftentimes, studies may not even proceed due to a lack of participant enrollment.


People participate in research for a variety of reasons; however, the motivating factor for most is to help others and contribute to moving science forward.  If you feel participating in a research study is something you are interested in, we encourage you to view the available opportunities to find out if there is a good match available for you.  Please note that interested individuals are not necessarily guaranteed acceptance into a study.


The following research studies are currently looking for participants; including FOUR new opportunities!  To find out more about each opportunity simply click on the study name below.

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