Answers from the CEO


I am a Recreational Therapist student and wondering how your services, if any, benefit seniors with Parkinson's and if so what are they?  What modifications do you use to give the best quality program to any type of age group with Parkinson's?

Parkinson Association of Alberta offers a variety of programming across the province for people living with Parkinson disease and their care partners.  Regular exercise is strongly recommended for people with PD by medical professionals.  Some of our more physical programs include dance, yoga and walking programs as well as our Steady & Go! Balance and Mobility Exercise Program.  Our dance, yoga and Steady & Go programs are led by individuals experienced in the treatment of PD.


Our movement programs provide people with PD (of any age group) and opportunity to learn and safely practice movements that increase balance, strength, functional mobility and, of course, confidence.  Additionally, these types of programs also provide a social component that is equally important.


Many of our programs host a range of age groups, modifications depend on the person with PD themselves - in some cases no or slight modifications are required; however as the disease progresses modifications may be necessary (ie: seated exercises vs standing, intensity levels, etc.)



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