CEO's Message - Reflections on Hope Conference

July 21, 2018

For this first installment of my CEO's Message I'd like to start by thanking all the staff, volunteers and sponsors who made our Annual General Meeting and 2018 Hope Conference such a great success.


I also want to thank those who attended to hear from so many great speakers and presenters.  I know I came away with a renewed feeling that we are developing a strong Parkinson's community here in Alberta.  It is a feeling that we at Parkinson Association of Alberta do not take lightly.  No resting on our laurels here!  It is up to all of us to continue to build capacity to ensure that all Albertans can get the help and support they need to live well with Parkinson's, when and where they need it across our province.


Listening to the speakers and presenters at Hope Conference I came to better understand that our bodies and minds are like sports cars.  We need the right fuel to give us energy to perform.  Whether it is to complete day-to-day tasks, to work, to play, or for all three.


I exercise and try to eat right every day.  I do this so I can be at my best in my work and home life.  It isn't without some hiccups, but for the most part it provides balance in my life.  I feel better physically and experience less stress when I look after myself; this is something people with Parkinson's and their loved ones may experience as well.


Exercise daily!  This can not only help control Parkinson's symptoms, but is key to everyone's overall good health -- family members and care partners included!  Provide your body with the right food for energy and, as the saying goes..."just do it."  We can all be examples and influencers to help the people around us do the same.


Dr. Ratey spoke so convincingly of this.  Nathan Dempsey also lives by this.  The experts at Hope Conference all encouraged us to follow their professional AND practical advice.  I am, I hope you are too!


Until next time...


John Petryshen, CEO

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