CEO's Message - What Motivates YOU?

August 18, 2018

Living well is easier said than done, especially when living with a chronic illness or disease.  From one day to the next, you often just don’t know what one day may bring and what challenges or hurdles you might face.   Parkinson Association of Alberta (PAA) wants to ensure you have the support and tools you need to live well.  We have been a support, resource, program developer, and facilitator for over 10 years and have helped many Albertan’s achieve a significant level of quality health and wellness.


What often accompanies a chronic illness beyond the symptoms themselves are struggles with anxiety, stress, depression, and feelings of hopelessness or helplessness which makes it hard to do anything.  Experiencing apathy, anxiety, depression, and even stress can feel like torture and keep you from being motivated to live your best life. For people with Parkinson’s and their loved ones who face these struggles it may be a gradual issue or even a critical factor that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.  There really is no predicting what each individual or family may go through, who may have which symptom or when it will strike.  What I do know is that our services are there to help you cope so you and your family can address these issues before they becomes a crisis.


So what motivates you to get out of bed every day?  At Parkinson Association of Alberta, our motivation is YOU!  We want to offer the very best in support, services and programming.  We want to be supporting the cutting edge of research. In a nutshell, be the best Parkinson’s organization in the country!  Our mission statement was developed not only by, but for our clients.  It drives us every day and we want you to benefit from it.


We want you to connect with us so we can assist you in your journey with Parkinson’s.  So we can help you navigate not only the physical challenges, but the mental and emotional ones as well.  So you can meet others, be a part of a community and, live life to its fullest!


Together, we can make a difference!  We have credible and valuable staff across the province who want you to live well.  As the leader of PAA, I will not rest until we can say that 100% of people diagnosed with Parkinson disease or a Parkinson’s Plus Syndrome and their families in Alberta feel supported, engaged and that they are a valuable member of the Parkinson’s community.   And, that they have access to vital support, services and programs as well as the opportunity to get involved in research.


So again I ask, “What motivates you?”  I encourage you to tell me what PAA can do to motivate you to get engaged with us – CLICK HERE to be taken to our Ask the CEO feature on our website and let me know your thoughts.


Until next time...


John Petryshen, CEO
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