CEO's Message - Be Prepared

September 15, 2018

A little over a month ago I told you about a somewhat challenging experience I had on a cycling trip to Tombstone.  Since that trip I had time to reflect on what happened and what I could have done differently.


Thinking back I realized that I used to be better prepared for excursions like that.  I used to take tools, a bike pump, extra tube, and yes, even toilet paper on these types of trips.  But on that day I thought to myself "I've packed that stuff up for a year and have never used it."  I took comfort in that thought process and headed out without the items thinking it would be smooth sailing (or cycling I guess) as always.  You all know how that turned out.


A few weeks ago I decided to tackle Tombstone once again, but this time I would be prepared!  Tools - check.  Pump - check.  Toilet paper, lighter, extra water and food - check, check, check and check.  I was prepared for anything from a breakdown to ensuring my body had the right fuel to keep me moving.  The trip was still a challenge (it's 43KM round-trip) but there were no surprises along the way and I was able to complete the route and have a great time!


When we go about our days we don't always expect something to challenge us or go wrong.  We tell ourselves it's a short trip, a quick visit, or that we've done it a million times.  We get comfortable that things will always work out or work the way we want and/or expect them to.  And you know what?  Most times they do; but unfortunately that isn't always the case.  Things happen out of the blue -- flat tires, accidents, and yes, even a Parkinson's diagnosis.


The take away that I want to get across is that while we certainly can't sidestep every challenging situation that presents itself; we can plan accordingly and prepare for those things that are in our control.  Take PAA's Aware in Care Kit for example.  I heard from a client who ended up in an emergency room due to a fall while out on their daily walk.  They didn't have extra medication with them and had to explain Parkinson's (the symptoms and the need for their meds) to the staff trying to help them.  What should've been a straightforward trip to the ER became more challenging and complicated.  Parkinson Association has the tools (in this case our Aware in Care Kit) to help you plan and prepare for some of those unexpected occurrences so that your safety, comfort and wellbeing is in your own hands.  We can all learn from our past experiences and take steps to minimize the challenges that may occur in our daily lives.  Speak with a Client Services Coordinator today to find out how PAA can hepl you "Be Prepared!"Living well is easier said than done, especially when living with a chronic illness or disease.


Until next time...


John Petryshen, CEO
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