Parkinson Association of Alberta is proud to present our Faces of Parkinson's campaign.  The campaign features people with Parkinson disease, their loved ones and care partners sharing their unique and personal stories on what it is truly like to live with this progressive disease.  Their hopes and fears.  Their struggles to find balance.  Their day-to-day reality. 


The campaign also features stories from community members who interact and/or work with people who have Parkinson's.  Their stories look at Parkinson's from a different perspective and remind us all that Parkinson disease touches so many.

What is the Purpose of Faces of Parkinson's?

Our Face of Parkinson's campaign aims to "put a face" on this often overlooked disease, and to encourage an active and passionate community of supporters that will help increase awareness of Parkinson disease in Alberta.  It also serves to remind those who may be feeling isolated or discouraged in the Parkinson's journey, that they are not alone.




Become an Agent of Change!  How Else Does Faces of Parkinson's Work?

It is easy to become an Agent of Change, anyone can get involved.  Participation is quite simple, does not require a large time commitment, and offers the flexibility of choosing one, any or all of the options listed – once or as many times as one chooses.


·       Educate yourself
Talk to a Parkinson Association of Alberta (PAA) Staff member or visit PAA’s website to get information on Parkinson disease and Parkinson Association of Alberta.  By doing this you may be able to help connect someone in need of information and/or services.


·       Membership
By purchasing a membership, you ensure your voice is counted when Parkinson Association of Alberta advocates on behalf of those Albertans affected by PD.  Sign up for a Membership here.


·       Like & Share
By “liking” our Facebook page and sharing posts you will increase the reach PAA can achieve when it comes to sharing information about Parkinson disease, our programs, services and events.  Visit our Facebook page here.

·      Tweet
Share with your Twitter followers information about PAA’s upcoming events or new developments in Parkinson disease research, retweet PAA’s tweets and tweet about your involvement with PAA.  Follow Parkinson Alberta on Twitter - @PDAssocAB


·       Participate
Take in one of the many programming and/or educational opportunities PAA has available – from programs for clients, care partners, families and health care professionals to our annual Hope Conference for Parkinson’s.  View our programming here.


·       Volunteer
Get involved and participate in volunteer opportunities with Parkinson Association of Alberta; you’ll have fun, meet great people, and make a difference all at the same time.  View volunteer opportunities here.


·       Raise Money
Help support PAA’s mission to provide quality support, services and educational opportunities to Albertans affected by PD; as well as contributing valuable funds for research.


·      Invite a Friend
Next time you plan to attend or volunteer at a PAA event, invite a friend.  When you get others involved, you increase your impact with PAA!


·      Tell Somebody
Don’t forget to share your experiences with Parkinson disease and PAA with others.  Hearing about your involvement and interactions may encourage them to learn more or get engaged and become an Agent of Change themselves!


Your support in any or all of these areas helps Parkinson Association of Alberta maximize our reach and increase awareness.


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