Volunteer Opportunities


Every year hundreds of volunteers lend Parkinson Association of Alberta their greatest gifts of time, talent and resources to help us ensure that no Albertan has to face Parkinson disease (PD) alone.  Our volunteers are clients and their families, students, retirees, individuals and companies who believe that together we can make a difference in the lives of those facing PD.


Our current volunteer opportunities are listed below in chronological order.  Unless otherwise indicated, please contact 780-882-6640 for more information.  To fill out an online volunteer form CLICK HERE!


  Faces of Parkinson's



All Parkinson Association of Alberta clients have Parkinson disease (PD) in common (whether it is themselves or a loved one), but each individual's experience and story is unique to them.  Faces of Parkinson's is an opportunity for you to tell your story in your own way -- it can be in the form of a story, poem, video or photo collage.  If you are interested in sharing your journey, please contact Brandi via email or speak with your Regional Client Services Coordinator.





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