The Impact of Parkinson's Patients Delusions on their Spouses Study

Run Dates:  Ongoing


The University of Alberta in conjunction with Alberta Health Services and the University of Leicester, UK, is conducting a research study to examine the impact of Parkinson's patients delusion on their spouses/care partners.  This study looks at what it is like to live with someone who has Parkinson disease and has had unusual thoughts/delusions, either currently or in the past.  There are no studies currently reporting the impact of delusional thoughts on spouses of people with Parkinson's.  The results of this study will aim to better inform healthcare professionals to help spouses and families of those with Parkinson disease who have delusional thoughts.

Who is eligible to participate in the study?

You are eligible to participate in this study if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You have a spouse/partner who has a diagnosis of Parkinson disease and has/had Parkinson's related delusions
  • You are a fluent English speaker
  • You live in Alberta

What is required of the participants?

Your participation will involve:

  • a one (1) hour study visit at the Kaye Edmonton Clinic (in Edmonton) with interviewer Caroline Nolan, Pastoral Counselor, AHS
  • answering questions about your thoughts, feelings and reactions to your spouse/partner's delusional or unusual thoughts
  • this interview will be audio-taped (audio recorded) and then typed out and examined later by the interviewer.  The report will NOT identify you, your spouse/partner or family member


University:  University of Alberta

Ethics ID: Pro00070834

Contact:  Dr. Allyson Jones

                 T: 780-965-3101   E:

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