Meet Jacqueline McKay, she is currently living in Brisbane Australia and has been for a year now. Her father Bill, was first diagnosed with Parkinson's 7 years ago. She is currently raising awareness and funds for research Parkinson disease in Alberta. Jacqueline was inspired by the David Goggins 4x4x48 challenge and decided she would participate virtually for her father and our Parkinson community. She shares "Some have called me crazy to partake in this intense challenge, but those suffering from Parkinson’s have truly inspired me."


On March 5th at 9 PM MST (March 6th at 2 PM in AEST) the challenge starts virtually. Joining her virtually will be her brother-in-law who will also be participating in this journey, running 4 miles, every 4 hours for 48 hours! It gets better... for the final miles, Jacqueline will be joined by her Dad Bill to virtually finish off this exciting journey.


You can support her fundraiser by donating today!

Bill and Jacqueline's Story
by Jacqueline McKay


My name is Jacqueline McKay. I’m from Calgary, Canada but have lived in Brisbane, Australia for a year. 


My dad Bill, was diagnosed with Parkinson disease 7 years ago. I still remember the moment I noticed. Dad had picked me up, and the vehicle was shaking as he was driving.  We realized his foot was tremoring, causing it to bounce on and off the gas pedal. This was just the beginning of a long journey.


Despite his diagnosis, he has an amazing attitude. Whenever he is asked how he feels, he replies “I feel good!” Even as the tremors got worse, Dad continued to be upbeat and inspiring. He retired in December 2020 after 50 years of working as a land surveyor. 


Back in Canada, my family, friends and I have been very active in the Parkinson’s community, participating in fundraisers such as Step n’ Stride. While I don’t live in Calgary anymore, this cause is near to my heart. I have been thinking of how I can fundraise from Australia, as many people close to Dad love to participate in these efforts with us. 


That’s where the 4x4x48 challenge comes in! 


On March 5 at 2 PM MT or March 6th at 2 PM in AEST the challenge starts virtually alongside David Goggins and other participants from around the world. David Goggins is a retired navy SEAL and put this challenge on to bring people together from all over the world for a common goal.


I will run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours! My brother-in-law, Justin will be joining me here in Brisbane, Australia! And it gets better - we will walk the final mile virtually to the finish line with my Dad in Okotoks, Alberta. In this final mile we will also be joined virtually by other family and friends wanting to show their support.


This is an ambitious and intense challenge, but those suffering from Parkinson’s have truly inspired me.


Those afflicted with Parkinson disease have to cope with symptoms every day that range from mild to severe. This can be very uncomfortable and frustrating, which is something I’ve seen firsthand. This 4x4x48 challenge may be uncomfortable, gruelling, and hard at times, but I will have my dad and others living with Parkinson disease in mind to push me to the finish line! 


Something often highlighted in Parkinson disease research is the importance of exercise. In that spirit, I can’t think of a better way to challenge myself in support. I want to raise awareness about Parkinson’s in general as well as the importance of exercise in managing Parkinson’s symptoms. 


If you would like to support this cause please do so by participating in the challenge, whether it’s a leg of the challenge, the final mile, donating, or sharing this post. 


Thank you,

Jacqueline McKay 

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