Messages from our Parkinson community


We thank you for your ongoing support and your connections with our Parkinson Association of Alberta team. "We are committed to remaining a source of comfort and support as we continue to navigate confusing and stressful waters" - Lana Tordoff PAA CEO. If you would like to read Lana Tordoff's full letter please click here.

"Our neurologist suggested we contact PAA for support and information after confirming Monty’s diagnosis just over a year ago. We also joined a monthly support group, which we both attend, and I joined a caregiver group. These care groups reinforce the feeling that we are not alone in dealing with PD. They also offer us a tremendous opportunity to share information that might not be readily available." from Monty and Yolande

"Like most couples, getting a Parkinson’s diagnosis was overwhelming to us. We didn’t know much about the disease and had no idea what to expect in the future. We visited the PAA office and were provided with information and assured we weren’t alone. What a relief!" from Mary & Norm Mary and Norm live outside of Calgary and at that time there was no support group in their area. Our client service staff, with Mary and Monty's help started a new group. "In the two years since, our group has grown to as many as 20. Being together and sharing knowledge of Parkinson’s and our experiences has been very valuable for everyone in the group."


Our support groups, programs and resources are vital to our Parkinson community. Your membership and donations will continue to provide individuals like Mary, Norm, Monty and Yolande with access to these resources. 

Make a difference by renewing your membership or purchasing a new one, and with your commitment of just $25 a year you ensure the future of our organization. No matter how you choose to support PAA this year, you ensure we can continue to offer help for today and hope for tomorrow.

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