New Beginnings, New Perspective

May 6, 2015



Edmonton, AB, May 6, 2015 - Today marks not only a new beginning, but a new perspective; and it is with great anticipation that Parkinson Alberta looks forward to working with Premier Notley and the new Alberta Government to address the challenges facing Albertans with Parkinson disease and other chronic illness.


Change is what transpires when people who believe in something work together to make that something a reality. At Parkinson Alberta we aspire, every day, to bring about positive change in the lives of Albertans with Parkinson disease.  For our clients those changes, more often than not include access to the specialized supports and services they (and others living with chronic illness) require, access to medical professionals in a timely manner, the ability to live safely in their homes longer, and the knowledge that when living at home is no longer an option, quality, affordable continuing/long-term care is available to them.


Parkinson disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer’s disease, with an incidence rate that increases as the population ages.  Canadian costs for PD are over $450 million/year. For Alberta, costs are over $45 million/year.


Connecting people with the help they need when they need it enhances quality of life and can reduce cost of care.  Parkinson Alberta provides supportive services and programs that accentuate/compliment government provided medical services. Non-profit health organizations, like Parkinson Alberta, contribute invaluable support and service not only to our clients, but to the government as well.  Working directly with Albertans affected by this incurable disease, we are uniquely positioned to be an effective and efficient voice as Alberta moves forward.  Collaboration will enable every health dollar to be stretched further; and, ultimately will mean a better future for those Albertans with Parkinson disease and other chronic illnesses.


Parkinson Alberta would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Progressive Conservative party for their support of Albertans with Parkinson disease over the years.




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Parkinson Alberta
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About Parkinson Alberta:

·        Parkinson Alberta has a 40+ year history of helping to make every day better for Albertans affected by Parkinson disease;

·        Parkinson Alberta is a standalone, Alberta-based charitable organization;

·        100% of the money raised here funds the best services, resources and research to benefit Albertans;

·        Parkinson Alberta provides support services, programming, education, advocacy and funds for research;

·        Parkinson Alberta operates in seven regions (Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Lloydminster and Red Deer) and offers support groups and programming in 24 communities across the province.


About Parkinson disease:

·        Thousands of Albertans are coping with the slow deterioration of their bodies every day; there is no cure, but there is hope;

·        Approx. 800 Albertans were diagnosed with Parkinson disease in 2014; that’s just over 2 people per day;

·        The average age of diagnoses is approximately 56;

·        20% of people with Parkinson disease are diagnosed before 50 years of age;

·        50% of those with Parkinson disease suffer from depression;

·        40% will develop difficulty chewing and swallowing; 89% will develop difficulty speaking; many develop a soft voice and can barely whisper; and

·        Parkinson disease costs Alberta $45.2 million/year in direct (including hospital care, physician care and drug expenditures) and indirect (mortality and morbidity) costs.

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