November 01, 2020

#NationalFamilyCaregiverMonth #NationalCaregiverMonth

‚ÄúCaregiver" or "Care Partner" are traditional terms used to describe an individual who is providing support and coordinating care for another person. Even though we may be a husband/wife or family member supporting someone with Parkinson disease we may not identify as one of these terms. However, this month we are celebrating your dedication to the people you love. Our staff recognize you and we want to take the opportunity to ask you, the care partners/caregivers/wife/husband or family member:


"How are YOU feeling today?" or "How can we HELP you?"


We know when someone receives their diagnosis there is a ripple effect. It affects and impacts those that love them; the care partner/caregiver and family. Care partners/caregivers are an essential part of our society according to statistics from Caregivers Alberta. To replace all the care these individuals, provide would cost $66 billion per year! If you are reading this, we want to remind you to give yourself some self care and love today because you deserve it and it is essential to your well-being.


This November (and always) we say THANK YOU! Your love, kindness and compassion help to make the world a better and brighter place to be!



Self Care Ideas for YOU!

  • Check out our tapping for relaxation video: Take 8 minutes today to learn tapping techniques from our staff Courtney. Video available on our YouTube: CLICK HERE 
  • Tips in managing stress and anxiety: Interested in discovering techniques to help manage anxiety and stress? Our own Brie Leclaire will walk participants through a variety of techniques and exercises to help combat the effects of anxiety and stress on our body. Video available on our YouTube Channel: CLICK HERE 
  • Take some time to do yoga: Join yoga instructor Jessica Tucker for a 30-minute Parkinson's yoga class. This session will include slow and gentle yoga movements. You'll need a chair, sturdy and ideally without arms (unless you need the arms). Video available on our YouTube Channel: CLICK HERE



Show appreciation to a Care Partner/Carer/Caregiver you know?

  • Ask how you can help: Have the Care Partner/Caregiver make a list of tasks that you can do for them (cleaning, running a few errands or sitting with the person they care for). This will give the Care Partner/Caregiver some time to do something for themselves.
  • Treat them to dinner: Make their favourite meal or order in delivery from your favourite restaurant.  
  • Give a thoughtful gift: Give a gift of appreciation like flowers or gift card so they can shop online.
  • Visit them and/or go for a walk: Stop by for a visit, schedule a walk, chat over a cup of coffee, lunch or a bottle of wine. We all need fresh air and someone to talk to!
  • Write a note: Leave a card or note stating your gratitude. 


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