April is Parkinson Awareness Month!

April 4, 2016


April is Parkinson's Awareness Month a time when we shine a light on the exceptional work we do year-round for Albertans living with Parkinson disease.  From support services to educational opportunities, from exercise and vocal programs to the funds we contribute to research; Parkinson Alberta is there ensuring a better today and brighter tomorrow for Alberta's Parkinson Community!


The month of April is chock-full of opportunities for you to get support, get engaged and help us raise funds and awareness for Parkinson disease.  Click the poster below to be taken to April's Calendar of Events!




We are also proud to present our Face's of Parkinson's video series.  The series features Albertans who are both living with and affected by Parkinson disease sharing their unique and deeply personal stories on what it is truly like to live with this devastating disease.  Their hopes and fears.  Their struggle to find balance.  Their day-to-day reality.  We encourage you to share these stories on your social media accounts to help us raise awareness about Parkinson disease.

Dave's Story...


Meg's Story...


Cliff's Story...


Looking for other ways to help make a difference or raise awareness for Parkinson disease?



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