What will YOU do to help #stopathief

March 29, 2019
April is Parkinson's Awareness Month, a month that shines a spotlight on Parkinson disease and Parkinson's Plus Syndromes throughout the global Parkinson's community raising awareness, funds and engagement on many levels.

So what, exactly is Parkinson's awareness?

As a general definition, Parkinson's awareness is about understanding:

  • what Parkinson's is;
  • what the impact of Parkinson's on the individual, families and communities;
  • what can be done to help people living with and affected by Parkinson's; and
  • what people (with or without Parkinson's) can do to have a positive impact in regards to Parkinson's.


This year Parkinson Association of Alberta is excited to launch our "Stop a Thief" campaign!  With commercials, media appearances, town hall meetings, presentations, movie matinees, open houses, and so much more this April will be our busiest Parkinson's Awareness Month to date!  To find out more about this exciting campaign, the events taking place and what YOU can do to help "Stop a Thief" watch the video below (sound on) and then head over to our Campaign webpage (CLICK HERE).




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