April is Parkinson Awareness Month!

April 1, 2018


April has been proclaimed as worldwide Parkinson's Awareness Month.  A time for all to recognize the need to:

  • increase the level of understanding of Parkinson disease;
  • continue to improve and expand the level of support for those whose lives are affected by Parkinson disease; and,
  • foster the bright minds of tomorrow by encouraging and expanding Parkinson's research to help find more effective treatments and therapies, and ultimately a cure for Parkinson disease.

For over 40 years Parkinson Association of Alberta has been and continues to be the ONLY charitable organization in the province providing direct support, services, programming and education to the tens of thousands of Albertans living with and affected by Parkinson disease.  To find out what is taking place in your Region throughout the month of April, a Parkinson's Awareness Month calendar of events is available to view at the bottom of the page or can be downloaded and printed off by CLICKING HERE.


Parkinson Association of Alberta has both tv (CTV Calgary & Edmonton) and radio (Virgin Radio Calgary & Edmonton) ads running April 2 - 8.


To read Parkinson Association of Alberta's 2018 Parkinson's Awareness Month press release "Finding Freedom" - CLICK HERE.


Want to get involved in Parkinson's Awareness month?  

  • Post a Poster - Click on the picture below to print off an Awareness poster to put up in your community!

  • Take a picture of yourself or others putting up a poster, at one of PAA's awareness events (ie: "Light the Bridge" events in Calgary and Edmonton or the social in Medicine Hat), hanging out with your Parkinson's loved one, or of anything you are doing to raise awareness and post your picture to social media using the hashtag #ParkinsonsAwarenessMonth.  Don't forget to tag us as well!

  • Make a donation via one of the following options:



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