Planned Giving

Donations allow us to give a voice to Albertans living with Parkinson disease, as well as their families. You can help us ease the burden through advocacy, education, services, and research.


When you make a Planned Gift through Parkinson Association of Alberta, you provide the resources to build a legacy today. Your Planned Gift ensures continued support of many programs and services including:


  • speech therapy, dance classes, newsletters,
  • access to resources, educational workshops,
  • and information forums with specialists in the field.

Our funding comes from memberships, donations, bequests, event fundraising, and third-party fundraising.


Your Planned Gift will enable us to sustain our core services, and grow in new and exciting ways. Canadian tax laws, (subject to certain limits), permit an individual to deduct the fair market value of gifts made during the individual’s lifetime or deduct a bequest through a will to a registered charitable organization. Please click here to access the Planned Giving form.



Your Planned Gift ensures Parkinson Association of Alberta will be able to reach more people across the province with Parkinson disease for many years to come.


Charitable Bequests

A charitable bequest is a gift by will and can be a legacy to those who have shared in, and enriched your life. A bequest can help you give back to your community—with a gift to Parkinson Association of Alberta.


Gifts of Securities

A gift of securities provides an innovative and creative way to make a charitable gift. Listed securities include stocks, bonds, bills, warrants, and mutual funds. A charitable receipt is issued for the fair market value of the gift and the donor also benefits from a no capital gains inclusion rate.


Life Insurance

You can make a significant gift with your life insurance policy—either signing over an existing policy or purchasing a new policy naming Parkinson Association of Alberta as beneficiary.


Gifts of Registered Assets

Making a gift of your retirement savings plan, RRSP’s or RRIF’s, can help reduce the taxes on your estate and protect its value for your heirs.


Gifts in Kind

Donations of tangible assets such as real estate, special collections, cultural property, and works of art.


Charitable Trusts

A deferred giving arrangement under which you can transfer property to a trust, naming Parkinson Association of Alberta as the capital beneficiary. You retain the right to the income from the trust either for life or a specified term of years. Parkinson Association of Alberta will receive whatever remains in the trust after the specified term.


How To Make a Planned Gift

Any estate planning must be tailored to an individual’s retirement needs and to the disposition of the donor’s estate. The Parkinson Association of Alberta Planned Giving team is ready to answer your questions.


Contact us toll-free at 1-800-561-1911 or at


Advice from a lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor is essential to good estate planning. Any of these gifts or bequests can be directed to a specific purpose such as Research, Education, Support Services, or Advocacy. Any gift may carry the name of the donor, family member, or friend so the person named may be acknowledged appropriately by Parkinson Association of Alberta.

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