Stop a Thief Toolkit


With technology advancing every day, it is now  easier than ever to share things that matter to us with a larger global audience. Using hashtags, liking, sharing, retweeting, and reposting are excellent ways to not only help spread awareness but showcase actions such volunteering, participating in programs, volunteering and/or raising funds!


For our Stop a Thief Campaign we encourage you to get active on social media!

Using the hashtag #stopathief share, post or tweet pictures of yourself and your loved one in the pose (at the top of the page and to the right) and tell us how YOU are helping to Stop a Thief! Don't forget to tag us!!


Do you attend a program or participate in research?  Have you made a donation or attended a fundraising event?  Maybe you volunteer or have participated in an education session.  Or maybe you just want to help spread the word by sharing a picture and hashtag.  Don't want to take your own picture?  We've got options for you to download and share at the bottom of the page!


Our social media platforms are:


Click on the image(s) below to download and/or save so that you can print and or share them on your social media accounts!



POSTER (Hi-Res)                                                 POSTER (Lo-Res)                                              E-POSTCARD




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