Stop a Thief Toolkit


With technology advancing every day, it is now  easier than ever to share things that matter to us with a larger global audience. Using hashtags, liking, sharing, retweeting, and reposting are excellent ways to not only help spread awareness but showcase actions such volunteering, participating in programs, volunteering and/or raising funds!


Get active on social media for your chance to win a PAA Prize Pack!!!

Share, post or tweet pictures of yourself and/or others using the hashtag #stopathief and tell us how YOU are helping to Stop a Thief! Don't forget to tag us!!


Tag us in your #PDPics during Parkinson's Awareness Month for your chance to win PAA prize packs!


To enter post a photo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter of you (or others) doing your part to either live well with Parkinson's or spread awareness about the disease.  It can be a shot of your "STOP" hand(s) - see the "Stop a Thief" pose up top or to the right - or even simply hugging the person you love who has PD.  Be as creative or as simple as you want!  We can't wait to see all of your pictures!


Not a social media person?  That's ok you can send us your picture in an email (  Don't want to take your own picture?  We've got options for you to download and share at the bottom of the page!


Our social media platforms are:


Click on the image(s) below to download and/or save so that you can print and or share them on your social media accounts!



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