Parkinson Association of Alberta provides support to those with Parkinson disease, their family members, friends and care partners.  The intent of supportive counselling is to help you feel in control of your situation and to find strategies for better management, allowing you to live well with Parkinson disease.

Our Client Services Coordinators provide:


Find information about the symptoms of PD, treatments, side effects, management strategies, research, and community resources.


We lend an ear as you explore your concerns.  We provide a confidential environment within which you can discuss PD, get answers to questions, and support to move forward.


You can come to us – visit us in our offices or call us on the telephone; or we can come to you – via home visits.  We can meet one-on-one or in groups and we can talk with you if you or someone you love has PD, or if you are simply interested in learning how you can help.

Direction and Guidance

When your concerns cannot be met by our resources, we can give you direction and guidance on other options available to you in the community.


To speak to us about accessing support, please contact your nearest regional office.

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