Take a Swing at Parkinson's with our PD & Boxing Programs

June 13, 2016

Research continues to show that people with Parkinson disease benefit immensely from an intense, whole-body exercise regimen.  In addition to an improvement in both physical and mental well-being, an intense work-out, such as boxing, may also help slow progression and/or lessen symptoms.


Boxing stimulates and exercises not only the body, but portions of the brain as well.  Improved flexibility, balance,  power, strength, endurance and hand-eye coordination, are just a few of the physical benefits. Our PD & Boxing programs do not require any previous boxing experience and are open to all ages. It is a safe, fun and exciting way to get moving and stay moving!


Our first PD & Boxing program was piloted in Sherwood Park and is now in it's second session. 


(photo of PD & Boxing demonstration)


With positive feedback in abundance Parkinson Alberta is excited to expand the program.  Edmonton will begin a program in August, followed by Calgary in September and Red Deer this fall.


For more information on our current or upcoming PD & Boxing programs or if you are interested in experiencing to program in your community please contact your Regional Office (CLICK HERE) or call toll-free 1-800-561-1911.

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