Transportation Needs in Seniors and People with Parkinson Disease

Run Dates:  Ongoing


Researchers at the University of Alberta are recruiting participants for a 20 minute phone survey on the transportation needs of seniors and people with Parkinson disease who do not drive (ie: getting to medical appointments, shop for groceries, transportation for social activities, etc).  People who are still driving will be asked to think about the transportation needs of those who do not drive.

Who is eligible to participate in the study?

  • Live in Alberta (looking for individuals in cities, towns and rural areas)
  • Seniors and People with Parkinson disease who no longer drive
  • Those who still drive will be asked to think about the transportation needs of those who do not drive

What is required of the participants?

Your participation will involve:

  • a 20 minute telephone survey wherein the following topics will be covered:
    • How do you get to the places you need and/or want to go?
    • What places do you no longer go because you don't have a ride?
    • What type of service (ie: handivan, bus, taxi) is needed in your community to help you stay mobile?


Once the survey has been completed and tabulated, researchers will share this information with individuals and organizations in communities across Alberta.  That way, communities can use the information to start or improve transportation services in their area.


University:  University of Alberta

Ethics ID: Pro00067605

Contact:  Tara Pidborochynski                    Emily Hussey

                 T: 780-248-1728                         780-492-5892


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