Tupperware Fundraiser for Parkinson Association of Alberta

There are many ways to support your charity of choice. From bake sales to pancake breakfasts, jean days to bottle drives, imagination is your only limitation. Kaylynn Miller has supported Parkinson Association of Alberta for several years. After her grandmother passed away from complications from Parkinson disease and other close family members were diagnosed, Kaylynn started researching other ways to help. 
Just in time for Step ‘n Stride, Kaylynn has set up a Tupperware fundraiser to benefit Parkinson Association of Alberta. Read more about it below and click here to make a purchase and support PAA.
Parkinson Association of Alberta (PAA): Can you tell us about the fundraiser? How does it work?

Kaylynn Miller (KM): It’s a Tupperware fundraiser where people can look online at the catalog or in person at the brochures. They can browse products and when they make an order 40% of the cost will go to Parkinson Association of Alberta. 
It’s pretty amazing. I haven’t heard of any other similar fundraisers that give a percentage like that.
So for example, if someone orders $100 worth of items, PAA will get $40. 
We can do it all online and it gets delivered to their door, anywhere in Canada. Or, they can contact me and order through me then it could get delivered to me or to the PAA office.
(PAA)Do shoppers need a code when ordering online to tie their purchase to the Parkinson Association of Alberta fundraiser?

(KM): No. I set it up online and you can click this link. The link is purely for Parkinson Association of Alberta. My contact information will be on the link too, so if anyone has questions I’d be happy to answer them.
(PAA)Why did you choose to fundraise for Parkinson Association of Alberta?

(KM): PAA is my charity of choice. My grandma passed away in 2013 and my uncle was diagnosed with Parkinson’s recently and another aunt of mine was diagnosed two years ago. It’s pretty close to my heart.
I’ve done the walk (Step ‘n Stride) every year since my grandma passed away. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to walk this year because I’m injured but this is a way I can still help.
(PAA)But you’ll be setup at the Calgary Step ‘n Stride, right?

(KM): Yes, I will be. I’ll have some of the fundraising products on display and people can take a brochure or place an order on the spot. Or even call me afterward or order online.
(PAA)Are there any featured or recommended products?
(KM): Always! The big ones are the bowls or the Fridgesmarts. The fridge smarts help people save money on groceries because they make food last longer in the fridge.

Please click here to support Kaylynn’s fundraising efforts for Parkinson Association of Alberta!

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