U of A Research Study for Care Partners Seeking Participants

May 19, 2015


The Use of Collage Techniques as a Means of Eliciting Story about Home Care and Caregiving:  The Family Caregiver's Perspective


This University of Alberta research study explores what it means to receive home care services and be a primary caregiver/care partner for a family member.  The study information will be used to increase understanding about home care and inform home care and caregiving policy.  Caregivers/care partners are invited to participate in an arts-based workshop (June 12 or 18), create a collage, complete a survey, and take part in an interview.


You can take part in this study if you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • You are over 18 years old
  • Your family member receives home care services, and
  • You can speak English

Participation in this study is voluntary.  There are no risks or harm associated with participation in this study.


If you’re interested in participating please contact:

Kelly Shaw, Research Assistant in the Faculty of Nursing



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