Saturday, November 28

Virtual Event!

Parkinson Association of Alberta is excited to announce that with the support of our friends at Brain Canada, through its partnership with The Growling Beaver Brevet (GBB), a third party cycling fundraiser which raised over $400,000 last year to support research on Parkinson’s. Thanks to the GBB donors together with Brain Canada, we are offering a virtual conference at no cost to you on Saturday, November 28. Our conference will showcase leading experts, education, inspiration and hope. Our goal is to leave you feeling motivated with renewed hope for the future. 


Register for FREE for our one-day virtual conference, and experience four speakers with Q & A opportunities and inspiring breakout sessions. Participants are welcome to attend our conference for the full day or visit the live event at a specific time or for a specific topic of interest. We will be sure to remind you of our event the day prior, along with the link to join Hope Conference.

NOTE: Once you complete registration, you will not receive email confirmation, the process is complete and you will visit this same website to attend our event on Saturday, November 28 at 10 AM (tip: bookmark the website in your web browser).


Hope Conference Schedule


Presenter Information

10:00 AM

Opening Remarks – Brain Canada CEO, Viviane Poupon

10:10 AM

Dr. Janelle Drouin-Ouellet, presented by Brain Canada

11:00 AM

Bayshore Home Health on Private Health Care Opportunities  

11:30 AM

Dr. Ali Hamedani, Presented by Parkinson Association of Alberta

12:30 AM

Break -- Relaxation through Tapping video

1:00 PM

Dr. Edward A. Fon, Presented by Parkinson Canada

2:00 PM

Les Postnikoff, Mindset Mentor

2:55 PM

Closing Remarks, Lana Tordoff, PAA CEO






Thank You to our Friends and Supporters:




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