Join us every Wednesday for a webinar version of our Speaker Series from the comfort of your own home!  Every week we'll connect you with Alberta healthcare professionals, community partners and experts from across the globe.  Most webinars will take place using the online ZOOM platform. 
The most up-to-date listing of webinars and other programs can be found HERE.
For those who are not tech/social media people, we are also happy to share recorded versions of the programs here on our website!  (Please read our disclaimer at the bottom of the page)


PAST SESSIONS  (click to watch)


DISCLAIMER:  All information provided in the videos by Parkinson Association and the featured speaker is furnished strictly for educational and entertainment purposes only.  This service is not intended to be diagnostic, prescriptive, or replace the relationship, advice, and/or care of your physician.   General questions about symptoms, treatments, available medications, complementary and alternative health care therapies, and current research, will be fielded.

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