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The activities of Parkinson Association of Alberta are monitored by our passionate volunteer board of directors that meets bi-monthly. The board makes and amends policy decisions about our organization, its resources and activities, and communicates its vision to members and the public. Our Annual General Meeting was held Saturday, May 28, 2022, and was an opportunity to ask questions, express any concerns, as well as provide feedback about what you enjoy or find useful.

The following changes to the PAA board of directors was agreed upon:

  • Dr. Davide Martino and Ms. Angela Chau-Gado were elected to the board with 2-year terms, for a total of 15 board members.
  • Mr. Angela Chau-Gado is the Treasurer.
  • Mr. Reg Milley moved from Board Vice-Chair to Board Chair.
  • Mr. Martin Kratz moved from Board Chair to Board Member.
  • Dr. Cara Ferreira moved from Board Member to Board Vice-Chair.