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A delicious way to support PAA!

Do something awesome – for yourself, and for us too! From now until Tuesday, November 29, purchasing Christmas chocolate in one of the participating cities below provides valuable support to the Parkinson Association of Alberta.

All orders must be picked up from the PAA office in the participating city. Place your order by clicking your location!

  1. Choose your city location button below
  2. Enter your email address in the window provide
  3. If you are a NEW USER you will be asked to register and create a password
  4. If you are a RETURNING USER you will be asked to sign in
  5. This will now take you to your Purdy’s Main Page
  6. Click SHOP ONLINE in top menu bar to begin shopping for items
  7. Click USE MARKETPLACE image to go to the Purdy’s Easter catalogue
  8. Begin shopping for your treats!*Orders close November 30th.

All orders must be picked up at either Calgary or Edmonton PAA office.