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Staff & Volunteer Stories

Staff Stories


Have you ever called the Calgary office? Lori may have helped ! She is PAA’s trusted Finance and HR Manager, and our PAA team recently celebrated Lori’s FIVE year anniversary! Lori shared that she has “enjoyed the compassionate staff I work with and the wonderful clients we interact with every day”.

We are grateful for all Lori has done for our organization!


If you haven’t met Declan in-person or online (probably introducing a webinar), you should know he has a big heart, a warm smile, and his demeaner naturally leaves you feeling hopeful. He knows the best way to make someone’s day better is to leave them laughing.

Our team describes him as an easy-going person that leaves you feeling comfortable because he is genuine, warm and throws in some sarcasm to ease any situation.

In his spare time, he likes to try new foods, and when he isn’t restricted by COVID you can find him gathered with friends playing board games. Our team is so grateful for his authenticity and ability to lighten the mood. Thank you, Declan for being you!


Being part of a team who has rallied and found ways to support individuals while we navigate the Covid pandemic.

The last adventure I would choose, is the life changing adventure of coming to work with PAA. I wanted to be closer to my family after my husband passed away 5 years ago. I was blessed with finding the posting for the Parkinson Association of Alberta and was hired to come run the home office in Lloydminster. 

Volunteer Stories

Telling your story as a volunteer and a part of our Faces of Parkinson’s campaign is relatively easy. As one of our Storytellers, you aim to show the personal side of Parkinson disease by sharing your own unique experience.

A Storyteller can be anyone who has been affected by Parkinson disease or who has been volunteered with Parkinson Association of Alberta.

  • A person with Parkinson disease
  • A care partner, family member or friend
  • A health care or other professional who interacts and/or works with those who have Parkinson disease
  • A volunteer, donor or sponsor who has been involved with Parkinson Association of Alberta

We’re looking for your story, your experiences, your inspiration. Some ideas to help you get started are:

  • How living with Parkinson’s has inspired you to make a difference
  • How someone who is affected by PD inspires you
  • How Parkinson Association of Alberta has made a difference

Storytellers can write or record (audio or video) their stories; and stories will be shared in the Faces of Parkinson’s section of our website; written stories may also appear in our quarterly magazine. Please note that stories don’t have to be “stories” they can be poems, songs, or photo collages. Storytellers are encouraged to submit as many pieces as they choose.

  • Browse other stories to help get started
  • If you are writing your story/poem, please type it out in a Word document that can be electronically saved and email it to
  • If you are submitting a recording (audio or video) or photo/photo collage please forward it electronically to or mail it in on a memory stick/USB/thumb drive to:

ATTN: Marketing & Communications

Parkinson Association of Alberta Calgary Office
120, 6835 Railway St SE
Calgary, AB T2H 2V6