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Annual Gift Drive

As another year comes to a close, we look back with gratitude at the continued generosity and support we have seen from our Parkinson’s community.  We also reflect on those we have lost, the newly diagnosed, and the ongoing struggles and joys of people living with or loving someone with Parkinson disease (PD) or a Parkinson’s Plus Syndrome (PD+). It’s because of you, your experiences, ideas and generosity, that we continue to be motivated every day. Thank you!

2022 has been both rewarding and challenging.  With more than 250 new clients to date, we are grateful that value is being found in program participation as we see the numbers grow. This summer’s social activities served as an amazing way for nearly 600 people across the province, both new to us and familiar, to come together and learn from and support each other. Increased participation in programs like Ambiguous Grief and Loss and Thinking, Memory and Concentration have demonstrated a high need for targeted support.  We continue to learn from you and look forward to sharing both continuing and new programming in 2023. 

December is also the time of year when we are thinking about our annual donations and the upcoming tax season.  Canada has a generous tax credit system for donors to charities and the benefits can be significant.  Thank you to all our past and current supporters for considering us in your charitable giving this year. 

We know that the rate of diagnosis for Parkinson disease is increasing rapidly in our province and with your support, we can continue to meet the needs of this growing community.

“Ever since I was diagnosed with the non-curable progressive Parkinson's disease (PD) approximately 14 years ago, I have relied increasingly upon the relationship I have with (PAA) Parkinson Association of Alberta. My children and grand-children and I feel a vested interest in having PAA prosper, which is why we give ourselves and partake in the major fund raising. We value the integrity and dedication of the staff and appreciate their approachability whenever we have needed support. With the advent of modern computer technology, it has been easier to communicate with PAA and other patients as well as participate online in their support programs, resulting in an educated patient base. Please support PAA with your donation.”

“My connection with the Parkinson Association of Alberta (PAA) commenced in 2013 when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Shortly after being diagnosed with PD, I availed myself of the Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWR) exercise classes. My neurologist advises that she sees the benefit of the PWR program as she can readily distinguish between her patients that participate in PWR as compared to those who do not. PAA provides many services directed to PD ranging from exercise, living, cognition, voice therapy and support programs to diagnosed individuals, families and caregivers in support of their fight against PD. Each PD journey is unique. As such, persons avail themselves of the programs and services appropriate for their circumstances. I support PAA by participating in its largest annual fundraising initiative STEP’N STRIDE. I do so not only because of my personal diagnosis. I support PAA because the dollars remain in Alberta and PAA’s work is important in the battle against the second most common degenerative neurological disorder”