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About Our Programs

It has been a long 20 months with the pandemic and though we aren’t through it yet, we can’t wait to get back to seeing everyone in-person! In order to do so safely and get back to fully supporting our vibrant Parkinson’s community, on Monday, Nov. 1, 2021 we will adopt Alberta’s Restrictions Exemption Program.

To partake in Parkinson Association of Alberta in-person activities, we are implementing the following:

  • All staff, direct program partners, students and volunteers are double vaccinated
  • Proof (official AHS vaccination documents/QR code) of full COVID-19 vaccinations (received at least 14 days prior to the event/activity) OR a negative COVID-19 test result from an approved testing provider taken within 48 hours of the event/activity will need to be shown in order to attend any in-person support groups, 1-on-1/family support sessions and/or active programs.
    • PAA is looking into being able to provide rapid testing in the future
  • In accordance with current regulations masking will be mandatory for all indoor activities/events.

A reminder that advanced registration for programs and support groups is vital to ensure YOU as the client have the most up-to-date information about location changes or cancellations as they occur.  Feedback from clients on an ongoing basis, health regulations and inclement weather are all determining factors in whether a group or activity will run in-person or online.

We want to thank all our clients, stakeholders, program partners and volunteers in advance for your patience and continued cooperation in ensuring we are able to welcome you back to in-person support and activities.

People living with and affected by Parkinson disease and Parkinson’s Plus Syndromes are at the center of all we do. We work to support and guide individuals and families throughout their Parkinson’s journeys and empower them to lead active and productive lives.  We also work to inform and educate within the communities our clients live.  We help build strong foundations.

We do this by offering a variety of program options via in-person and tele/online delivery so that regardless of where you live in the province YOU can access support and services customized to you…when and where you need it.

Support Programming

Our no-cost support programs are all about empowerment! The journey of empowerment includes gaining information, receiving advice, setting and achieving goals, sharing experiences, and making connections with fellow peers, health care providers and others in the community.  It can also include acquiring a sense of confidence to talk openly and honestly about one’s disease to family, friends and those in your circle as well as with health care professionals.

Empowerment can increase self-confidence and personal strength, bring about changes in lifestyle and outlook, and feelings of being inspired and energized.

Our support programs include:

One-on-one/family support

This valuable program provides you, your loved one(s) and other family members or friends a confidential and safe space to ask questions, talk about stresses and concerns, establish goals and actions plans, and learn more about community and government resources.

Support Groups

Whether it is a desire to learn more, to share experiences and/or to be a part of a community.  Attending a support group can be a great way to learn about Parkinson’s, develop better coping skills, and feel less isolated as you make connections with others facing similar challenges.

Educational Programming

Whether you are at the beginning of a Parkinson’s journey, or have been travelling the path for many years, education contributes to health and well-being.  By equipping people with knowledge and skills for problem solving, education helps provide a sense of control and mastery over life circumstances. And it improves people’s ability to access and understand information to help keep them healthy.

Our educational programs include:

Active Programming

Outreach Programming