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Strategic Direction & Annual Report

The Board of Directors and PAA Management took time to reflect and review the current Strategic Priorities of Parkinson Association of Alberta that expired at the end of 2023. As PAA continues to align with and make decisions with these Strategic Priorities, they have now been extended into 2024. 

Strategic Priority #1
Enhance quality of life and circle of support for people affected by Parkinson disease (PD) and Parkinson’s plus syndromes (PD+).

Strategic Priority #2
Focus on sustainability by optimizing organizational capacity in order to meet the needs of rapidly increasing population living with PD and PD+.

Strategic Priority #3
Increase awareness through education, advocacy and effective communication methods.

Strategic Priority #4
Research: Support the PD and PD+ research community with a focus on Alberta.

Strategic Priority #5
Effective and responsible stewardship of resources through innovation and diversification.

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