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National Care Giver Day – A Care Partner’s Perspective

Today is National Care Giver Day, celebrated across Canada!

Caring for another human is one of the most incredible acts of love there is. Fading Away is a touching story of a care partner and her husband’s journey of what they were experiencing with Parkinson disease. Through the care partner’s eyes, she sheds a light from her perspective on the changes that her husband experienced that affected his interests, habits, and their relationship.  

Fading Away

I will try to accept what is while pushing with all my might against the blurring, muddling, pixelating, clouding, evaporating, disappearing and waning that will come from now on as PD progresses. I will help you hang on to some sharp edges, some clear outlines, some bright moments. Together, let’s embrace the tints and shades of life and stave off any further erosion and dimming for as long as possible.

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