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So much support – by Vaughn & Cheryl

Not only did my Parkinson’s diagnosis completely change my lifestyle, it accelerated our planned move from one city to another.

Parkinson Association of Alberta was a lifeline for us as I began my PD journey and adapted to Edmonton’s medical community. There is no way this huge life change could have happened so smoothly without the support of Parkinson Association of Alberta, and their amazing staff.

Since that surprising introduction five years ago, I have taken advantage of the full scope of the Parkinson Association of Alberta programming, and all that it offers. I have been in exercise groups, attended many Buchanan Centre information sessions, sang along with friends each week, benefitted from cognitive programming, attended Hope Conferences and organized Step ’n Stride teams. Most importantly though, my wife and I have been involved in many support groups where we have learned so much about the disease, shared our insights and made lifelong friends. It is in these support groups that we most often interact with the members of the amazing Parkinson Association of Alberta client support team, a wonderful group of people who have always been available for us when we needed them.