Carol’s Story

Carol and her family were no strangers to Parkinson disease when they received news of her diagnosis. They had witnessed first-hand the dread that accompanied such news, but they also knew where they could go to find hope.

Support makes all the difference

Nearly a year ago we got the diagnosis that my wife Carol has Parkinson’s disease.

This was really disheartening as we had lost my older brother Don just two years earlier after a long stretch of years fighting this dreaded disease. He, along with a friend of ours for more than 50 years, were both showing the signs of a losing battle, and it left us with a sense of dread.

During Don’s years of illness, he was a regular at the support group in our area. Not easily suppressed, he was very supportive of the others in the group, and the experience was regarded as a lifeline for both Don and his wife. 

We are finding the support group, including many of the same members who knew Don, to be very welcoming and open about their experiences, fears, hopes, tricks tried, and how they try to cope. 

After the first meeting, Carol was with the “Parkies” and I went with the caregivers. Both of us thought that the experience was a little scary, but really helpful.

The personal stories, questions, and advice shared at the meetings has made the meetings something we look forward to. 

The follow-up emails and phone calls from Emma, our coordinator, really make the contact seem personal. We will survive this process and our hope is that those we share our story with will also benefit now and in the future.

Help make our support possible

Funds raised through donations and annual memberships allow us to host the programs and support groups that help people like Carol.

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